If you are looking for a non-surgical treatment for your neck pain then chiropractic care is one of your best options. If you have Cervical inter vertebral disc injuries, cervical sprain injuries, degenerative joint syndrome of the neck or whiplash then a chiropractic doctor can help you to treat this kind of neck issues.

In chiropractic treatment the neck pain chiropractor due to the fact that the affected area covers various region of the neck, mid back and low back and evaluate the spine area as a whole. What’s more the chiropractor treat not just the area of symptoms but the whole body and even give idea about your nutrition, stress management and other overall education to lead your life style.

In order to treat your neck pain a chiropractor may use various combinations of spinal manipulation and manual therapy and might use other technique. Some of spinal manipulation technique used by a chiropractor to treat neck pain listed below:

1.    Flexion distraction technique: This is a gentle technique in which instead of using direct force, it use hand on spinal manipulation and in inter vertebral disc have a pumping effect.

2.     Instrument assisted manipulation: In this technique in order to let your chiropractor use force without thrusting in your spine they use a hand held instrument.

3.    Specific spinal manipulation: This technique is use to help you restore your movement in the joints by a gentle thrusting technique.

Some of the manual therapies used by a chiropractor to treat our neck pain are:

1.    Instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy: In this therapy the chiropractor use some special instruments which help to diagnose and the treatment of muscle tension.

2.    Manual joint stretching and resistance techniques: This technique is mainly use to lessen the neck pain and the other symptoms related to it.

3.    Therapeutic massage: If you have tense muscle them this technique can help you to relax them.

4.    Trigger point therapy: In case you have tight and painful spot in your muscle then your chiropractor will use this technique to relieve it.

Some other therapies used to treat your neck pain by your chiropractor are:

1.    Inferential electrical stimulation: In this therapy the chiropractor uses electric current with very low frequency which helps to stimulate your muscle in the neck.

2.    Ultrasound: A chiropractor may use ultrasound in order to send waves of sound in your muscle tissue which will help you to ease the stiffness and pain in your neck.

Other then these techniques various therapeutic exercises are also involve in chiropractic treatment to treat and prevent your neck pain.